ch2mgmt - Ch. 2 Diversity: individual. Diffs that make ppl...

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Ch. 2 Diversity: individual. Diffs that make ppl diff. from and similar to each other. Diversity @ Target: inclusively individuality (but it pertains to everybody, pertaining to host of individual differences that make everyone unique). - Layers of Diversity : Personality at center b/c represents stable set of characteristics responsible for person’s identity. Next layer: a set of internal dimensions referred to as surface level dimensions of diversity; not within our control but strongly influence our attitudes and expectations and assumptions about others, in turn influencing our behavior. (Ex: age, gender, sex, physical ability, ethnicity, race). Next: External influences(Secondary Dimensions): represent indiv. differences that we have greater ability to influence or control. Ex-where you live today, grow up, religion, married/children, work, appearance, education, income, habits, etc. Last Layer: org. dimensions such as seniority, job title, function, and work location/content, mgmt status, union affiliation, division, etc. . Aff. Action: an outgrowth of equal employment opportunity legislation. Goal: to outlaw discrimination and encourage orgs to prevent discrimination; otherwise stated: an artificial intervention aimed at giving mgmt a chance to correct an imbalance, injustice, a mistake, or outright discrimination that occurred in the past. It doe not legitimize quotas. Quota is illegal and can only be imposed by judges who conclude that a company has engaged in discriminatory practices. A.A. seen more negatively by white males than women and minorities b/c it is perceived to work against their own self interests. A.A. plans viewed more positively by liberals and Democrats than conservatives and Republicans; not supported by ppl who possess racist or sexist attitudes. A.A. negatively affects women/minorities expected to benefit from them. Discrimination: occurs when employment decisions about an indiv. are due to reasons not associated w/ performance or are not related to the job. - Managing diversity: entails recognition of the unique contribution every employee can make. enables ppl to perform up to maximum potential. Focuses on changing an org’s infrastructure such that ppl provide highest productivity possible. 3 key strategies: education, enforcement, and exposure. Both consultants & academics believe that orgs should strive to manage diversity rather than use affirmative action. Primary reason for managing diversity: ability to grow and maintain a business in an increasingly competitive mktplace. Study of 1000 comps suggests a diverse top mgmt team can contribute to corporate profits. It is essential for an org to create an enviro/culture that allows all employees to reach their full potential. Managing diversity is critical component of creating such an org. -
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ch2mgmt - Ch. 2 Diversity: individual. Diffs that make ppl...

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