sta309cheatsheet - Pop.: Entire group individuals for whom...

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Pop .: Entire group individuals for whom we want info. Quant. Info: Can calc. mean, std. dev., variance. Categorical: only proportion. =Pop. mean =Pop. variance =Pop. std. deviation Sample : Subset of pop. Subgroups that are in proportion to total pop. .are strata. Lower variance w/ stratified sample. =Sample mean =Sample variance =Sample std. deviation Formulas : Statistic : Anything calculated from sample. VS. Parameter: anything calc. from population. Array Ungrouped Freq. Dist. Chart: Can calc. mean, std dev., and variance. Grouped FDC: Can’t calc. mean. Freq. Polygon/Curve : Shows x values (ex: percent recalled) against Y val. (frequency) Pie Chart and Bar Chart : Shows Qualitative (categorical) characteristics. Need total amount. Cumulative Freq. Dist. Chart (Ogive) : plots x vals. (ex: scores) against cumulative rel. freq. Interquartile Range : Sets off Middle 50% of Values. Equals Q3-Q1. Histogram and Stemplot : Show distribs. of quantitative variables. Scatter Plots : Show relationship between 2 quantitative variables measured on same individuals. Time Plot : Graphs years on X-axis, values of time series vertically. Box Plot (shows 5 no. summary): Min, Q1, Med (Q2), Q3, Max Symmetric vs. Skewed Distributions Measures of Dispersion : Range : Hi val.-Low. Explains distance, but no tendencies.
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This note was uploaded on 03/20/2008 for the course STA 309 taught by Professor Gemberling during the Fall '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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sta309cheatsheet - Pop.: Entire group individuals for whom...

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