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mgmt chp. 4 - Culture set of beliefts and values about what...

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Culture: set of beliefts and values about what is desirable and undesirable in a comm. . of people and a set of formal/informal practices to support the values. Culture has both prescriptive and describptive elements and involves taken for granted assumptions about how to think, act, and feel. Culture overrides national boundaries. Kay aspects of societal culture, such as customs and language are brought to work by individual. Working together, societal & org. culture influence the person’s values, ethics, attitudes, and expectations. Ethnocentrism: belief that one’s native culture, language, and ways of doing things are superior to all others. Ppl from low context cultures infer relatively less from situational cues and extract more meaning from splken and written words (ex: Northern Europe, N. Americans). High context: prefer slow negotiations and trust building meetings (ex: China, Japan, Mexico, etc). 9 Cultural dimensions from Project GLOBE: 1. Power distance: How equally should power be
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