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td301 notes - 9/28 Playwright Wright=builder...

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9/28 Playwright: Wright=builder. Playwright=builder of plays..”process of creation”…takes a while, not like lightening strikes of genius Creation takes more people than just playwright. -Solo or collaboration -Playwrights build actual written scripts Groupwork involves divising together to learn scripts - Playwrighting: where to start: -imagination, experience, real or imagined story, current events, philosophy, politics, desire for change. -Research: observance of current events, reading other plays, learning about hist. period, observing real people/similar stories/human behavior, philosophical documents. Research=fascinating. ACTS related to playwrighting -Reading: done MANY times. -Workshops and staged readings; experimenting w/ mapping the text on bodies and voices. In workshops, play in progress. Process involves MAKING CHANGES. Staged reading: production of play w/ actors reading off scripts. -Working w/ dramaturg: helps director and actors find materials related to play CONTEXT (or FORM of the play). Can be an excited reader/critiquer/clarifier. -Letting it go possibly to outside agents/other productions. Hard for playwright to retain creative control. Deals go on about how play is to be produced. DIRECTORS: Facilitates process to bring words to life. -Can be: one person (leads to consistency), group (prevents rigidity/rules), or performers and other collaborators directing each other. BUT sometimes no actual director. (ex: acting classes) In professional, director is singular. Models of directors: Midwife-delivering play (like birth) Surrogate: working for clarity of meanings and experiences Translator: Director translates play from written language to embodiment. Interpreter: Director decides what situation play should be. (explains context of play). Auteur-Both director and playwright Creator: Director is primary creative force, guiding others. One of many collaborators. Steps of Directing: 1. Familiarization with play text and materials 2. Facilitating formation of an interpretation (concept) toward which everyone works. Facilitates formation of idea into reality.
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3. Production Meetings-To explore and decide how design can support concept. Later steps of production: -Casting play -Running rehearsals -Use of Space (width, depth, height) -Creating mise en scene w/ designers. Crystal clear images shown w/ ARREST; moments stopped in one’s tracks. Creates variety through performance space. Mise en scene: all aspects that go into creating MOOD of play, info. about characters. Visual sense about creating mood. 10/3 American Melodrama and Blackface Minstrelsy Melodrama MELODRAMA:US. And Europe 1800s MORAL LESSONS -virtuous heroes v. evil villains -poetic justice -Appeal to sentiment -Appeal to group identity/sentiment Local characters and color: seeing local landscape being performed for you.
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