core - Transcendental/theistic New England Classical...

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January 28, 2008 Mind Body Society Biology Nurture Nature Learned Innate Social Individual Acquired Hereditary Rational Irrational Mead: cultural Darwin: evolution/genetics Marx: economic Freud: body Skinner: behavioral Lorenz: instinct Ethology/Sociobiology WATCH SLINGBLADE!!!! January 30, 2008 Views of Human Nature Liberal conservative scientific Idealistic realistic materialistic Social sciences natural sciences empirical/natural MIND BODY deterministic/causative Social individual mechanistic Learned instinctual reductive Acquired genetic intuitive spiritual Spirit transcendental/religious Humanistic/evidential Free will Teleological (intention, motive, purpose) February 11, 2008 Myths of American Foundation Biblical Covenant English Puritan Conversion Religious
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Unformatted text preview: Transcendental/theistic New England Classical Republic French Enlightenment Virtue Philosophical Deistic/humanistic Virginia March 10, 2008 Environment (idealistic, Rousseau, acquired) Learned Social Cooperation Heredity (realistic, Hobbes, innate) Instinctual Natural Competition Test- notes and readings Essay Questions (Objective Type and Short Essays (paragraph)) Multiple Choice Matching Fill-In The Blanks End of Term Project-March 17 th and 19 th short presentation on what the idea is and receive feedback from class on idea o Check out guidelines and requirements on syllabus...
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core - Transcendental/theistic New England Classical...

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