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Lord Wealthy nobleman that is the front man of the practical joke played on Sly. Christopher Sly Falls asleep in front of a tavern in the introduction. Lord finds him asleep and carries him to his house and ordered servants to treat Sly like a lord when he awakes. Baptista Wealthy. Father of Katharina and Bianca. Refuses to allow Bianca to marry before Katharina. Good-hearted and generous towards daughters but doesn’t know how to deal with Katharina. Vincentio Lucentio Young nobleman from Pisa, came to Padua to study at the university. Falls in love with Bianca at first sight. Disguises himself as an instructor named Cambio so he can win over Bianca. Petruchio Wealthy. Came to Padua to marry rich to make himself richer. Everyone warns him against trying to marry Katharina but sets out anyway. Violent tempers. Gremio and Hortensio Both want to marry Bianca. Began as rivals but later became allies because of the frustration of Bianca’s rejection. Hortensio dresses up as a music instructor to court Bianca.
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Unformatted text preview: Tranio Lucentios servant. Pretended to be Lucentio and bargained with Baptista for Biancas hand. Biondello Lucentios servant. Assists Lucentio and Tranio in winning over Bianca. Grumio Petuchios servant. Unintelligent. Pretends to misunderstand Petruchio and gets into ridiculous arguments with him. Different type of speech, unable to speak poetry. Curtis, Nathaniel, Phillip, Joseph, Nicolas, Peter Petruchios servants Katharina The Shrew Oldest daughter of Baptista and sister to Bianca. Strong willed and blunt, will say anything she wants when she wants. Abusive, angry and violent. Petruchio takes the challenge of taming her to become an obedient and pleasant wife. Bianca Younger daughter of Baptista. Soft-spoken, sweet and beautiful. Page A servant boy to the Lord. Dressed as a girl to play Slys wife. Widow Wealthy. Marries Hortensio after his failed attempt to marry Bianca. Merchant Tricked into being Lucentios father...
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