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The Proof for the Physical

The Proof for the Physical - mind affecting a movement in...

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The Proof for the Physical (corporeal, external) World - the definition of the physical world – extension, location, movability, primary v. secondary qualities - if there is no physical world then I am nearly always mistaken - if I am nearly always mistaken, then god is a deceiver. - A perfect being (god) is not (cannot be?) a deceiver - Hence there is a physical world Descartes’ Mind-Body Dualism: Interactionism - my mind can alter my body o I think I’ll take a sip of water.. so you pick up the water and that is the
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Unformatted text preview: mind affecting a movement in the body o How and where does the interaction take place? The Problem of Interaction Some Alternatives to Dualism: Materialism, Idealism, Psychophysical parallelism. His Favorite Alternative-Aristotle o Form/matter If you mention form but not matter you’ve made a mistake God is form without matter. . the only exception to this rule All matter has form and all form is of certain matter...
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