Presidency Notes - Treaties (wth Senate) Approval of...

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March 20, 2008 Presidency How voters decide presidential elections (General Election) Party Identification Issues (esp. economy) Prospective voting Retrospective voting Campaign Get to know candidates Motivate base of voters Coalition building (bring in 1-2 new groups) Electoral College Electors met in December in their state capitals and transmit the votes. "Faithless Electors" Many states do not require pledges Some states that do just have samll fines/misdemeanor crime 538 electors Each state gets 2(number of Senators) plus the number of representatives (GA has 13) DC now gets 3 votes, too. Presidential Powers Commander in Chief (commit troops) Pardons Convene special sessions of Congress Receive ambassadors Treaty/Executive Agreement Execute the law Executive orders Shared Presidential Powers Appointment of ambassadors, judges, and other officials (with Senate)
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Unformatted text preview: Treaties (wth Senate) Approval of legislation Comparative Executive Power Presidents are outsiders No Congressional Cabinet No guaranteed legislative majority Unified v. Divided government Presidential Power Power to persuade 3 audiences: Fellow politicians and leaders (bureaucrats) Party leaders and officeholders out of Washington (party grassroots) Public at large Popularity is key President v. Presidency President is one person Presidency refers to entire executive branch Massive staff of hundreds Staff have a great deal of influence Appointments Cabinet Independent Agencies Federal Judges Ambassadors Appointments for some by "patronage" Others by merit and ideology Racial balance Veto Veto message Pocket veto 10-Day Rule Line-Item veto...
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Presidency Notes - Treaties (wth Senate) Approval of...

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