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Interest Groups

Interest Groups - Test#2 February 5 2008 Interest Groups...

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Test #2 February 5, 2008 Interest Groups Any organization that seeks to influence Public Policy A wide number of groups are defined here o Americans for Tax Reforms, Citizens against Government Waste, National Abortion Rights Action League o Sierra Club, United Auto Workers, National Association of Countries Are interest groups good or bad? o Good: Allows citizens to take part in the political process; allows certain issues to be heard; allows people to be involved with a group of people who have similar interests o Bad: If there are special interest groups with a lot of money, they will always get what they want; they are only interested in a single, narrow issue Types of Groups Economic Interest Groups o Pursue a specific set of policies to attract a specific set of followers o Ex. Corporate lobbies Public Interest Groups o Group works for (what they define as) the public good. Benefits are for everyone.
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