FINAL DRAFT ESSAY 2 - Maria Minnick Mr. Shane Bruce English...

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Maria Minnick Mr. Shane Bruce English 1101 4 October 2007 Facebook Dangers E-mails and AIM are now things of the past. Facebook is the new, widely popular online social networking system. It is a website where you can post pictures or videos, stalk some boy or girl you met in English class, spy on your ex, or even join the group “If 100,000 people join I’ll legally change my name to Mclovin.” With the belief that that Facebook is a relatively private website, 40 million people have become active members (Swartz par 1). However, blinded by the site’s social gains, many people do not realize the possible dangers of the seemingly harmless Facebook. Facebook is an unfulfilled addiction. Unlike any other drug or cigarette addiction, the effects of a Facebook dependency problem are not harmful to the body. There is also no rehabilitation for those suffering from this addiction. Facebook is, however, harmful to people’s work lives and has the potential to keep its users on for hours at a time or signing in and out endlessly throughout the day. The site is especially harmful for procrastinators. As someone attempts to sign on for only a moment to check a new message a friend has sent them, he or she ends up spending hours viewing new pictures their friends have posted and changing around their own profile. Soon enough, work is neglected and the only progress a person has made in the past hour was pimping out his or her Facebook profile. Rachel Sa describes a woman’s Facebook addiction by saying, “…she constantly hungers for another ‘hit’ of virtual contact, even if she’s just exchanged messages with someone” (Sa par 17). Addicts of the site never seem to be satisfied with a short visit. This type of addiction can, however, be similar to a drug addiction in that the addict is always craving that next hit. Satisfying this craving, many are left procrastinating for hours. Although an obsession and addiction to Facebook can be detrimental to an addicts time and
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FINAL DRAFT ESSAY 2 - Maria Minnick Mr. Shane Bruce English...

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