AMERICAN EDUCATION REFORM - Twenty-Fifth to Number One We...

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Twenty-Fifth to Number One We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We are a country of proud history. Our military power is one of the strongest in the world. Why then is America ranked number 25 th among twenty-nine of the most industrialized nations on an assessment test in 2004 (Toppo par 2)? America is supposed to be the greatest nation in the world. Why isn't the American educational system reflecting this supposed superiority? The answer to this question should be solved by the American government. The way in which the American educational system can and should be improved is by increasing competition among its schools, increasing federal support, and learning from those countries with a better educational system. The first step the government can take towards bettering the American educational system is by creating a way in which schools compete against one another. In America students are unable to choose which public school they would like to attend. Students either like the school in their district or they get over it. Students are basically assigned to a school. Without options about which school to go to there is no competition among the schools. If teachers and principals had to compete and fight for students to come to their school they would work harder and put in more effort to keep their image up in the eyes of parents. Competition has always proved to be an effective way for an opponent to strive for betterment. Therefore, the government should allow students to choose which school they would like to attend and fund education only in schools that attract enough students. The goal of keeping a school up and running would be enough motive for staff members to make improvements within their curriculum. If a school is unable to attract enough students then the school should be
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put out of business and the government should stop funding it. This form of school
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AMERICAN EDUCATION REFORM - Twenty-Fifth to Number One We...

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