COM Exam 2 Book Review

COM Exam 2 Book Review - COM Exam 2 Book Review 18:52:00...

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Unformatted text preview: COM Exam 2 Book Review 25/02/2008 18:52:00 ← Emotion an intense reaction to an event that involves interpreting the meaning of the event, becoming physiologically aroused, labeling the experience as emotional, attempting to manage our reaction and communicating this reaction in the form of emotional displays and disclosures. • When an emotion-inducing event occurs, we engage in the following process: o 1. Selecting o 2. Organizing o 3. Interpreting information related to the event. • We decide whether the event is positive, negative or neutral • Events appraised as strongly positive or negative are likely to trigger corresponding emotions. • Physical features of emotion: o Increased heart rate o Blood pressure o Adrenaline release • To experience emotion you must “label” the emotion, be consciously aware of it. I am “sad” ← Emotion sharing talk about our emotional experiences with our relationship partners, a form of communication. • People share between 75-95% of their emotional experiences with at least one person. ← Emotional contagion when the experience of the same emotion rapidly spreads from one person to others. • Ex: Chicago Iroquois Theater in 1903 stampede, small fire started was put out immediately but caused fear among all and a panicked stampede started that killed more than 500 people ← Primary emotions emotions that involve unique and consistent behavioral displays across cultures. **SIX OF THEM • 1. Surprise • 2. Joy • 3. Disgust * • 4. Anger * • 5. Fear *5....
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COM Exam 2 Book Review - COM Exam 2 Book Review 18:52:00...

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