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ISE719 Assignment 4 Query Results 1 2 AccessoryCategory model no accessory no AccessoryType 15 inch XGA M825 A30 128MB 15 inch XGA M815 A25 CD-R 17 inch SXGA M815 A31 256MB 17 inch SXGA M815 A40 std FD 17 inch UXGA M815 A41 Z100 M810 A25 CD-R M810 A26 CD-RW 3a M810 A27 DVD order cost M810 A31 256MB $4,775.00 M810 A32 512MB M810 A40 std FD 3b M810 A41 Z100 model no display no accessory no M810 A42 Z250 M810 D1805 A26 M805 A25 CD-R M805 A26 CD-RW 3c M805 A27 DVD model no display no accessory no M805 A31 256MB M810 D1805 A26 M805 A32 512MB M810 D1805 A32 M805 A40 std FD M805 A41 Z100 3d M805 A42 Z250 Returns a NULL value correct solution order cost $5,075.00 4 6a Although an answer is returned by the query, it is incorrect accessory no ProductDescription UnitCost Inventory Position Total Shipping Weight A26 read/write CD $67.50 70 17200 incorrect
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Unformatted text preview: A27 read only DVD $90.00 36 A30 memory add-on $90.00 25 6b A31 memory add-on $180.00 88 order no item no part no ProductDescription UnitPrice 30195 1 A26 read/write CD $75.00 30195 2 A27 read only DVD $100.00 5a 30195 3 A31 memory add-on $200.00 firstname lastname order no TotalOrderCost 30195 4 A32 memory add-on $300.00 Brad Pit 4535 $1,590.00 30195 5 A42 250MB zip drive $300.00 Brad Pit 30195 $7,975.00 30195 6 D1806 eldoradoLCD-S $3,000.00 30195 7 M805 optiplex platinum $4,000.00 5b 4535 1 A30 memory add-on $100.00 pending 4535 2 D1505 brightoneLCD $490.00 $9,565.00 4535 3 M825 optiplex cheapo $1,000.00...
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