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Work Plan Title MSU: Save the Theatre Project Directors Liz Chase, Kate Compton, Heather Laws, Margaret Mccall, Amanda Meldrum, Diana Obradovich, Debbie Rauhe, Becky Simons, Amy Winchell, Alex Zikakis. Community Partner Whitehills Elementary School (5 th th grades) – Andy Wells, Principal Strengths and Needs of the Community Partner Strengths of the school is that they want to bring theatre, or the arts in general, into their school. Another strength is that the school has an ArtsBridge person and teachers that want to be involved in this process. The need would be the lack of a school theatre program. It is very likely that the school lacks a program because of funding, so this event will make their program possible. Revised project plan with inputs and outputs To make this project happen we need our group involvement, school involvement, children to sign
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Unformatted text preview: up for the events and assistance from local companies for a small funding for the workshops. We would just like to get enough to cover supplies for the four days. Evaluation plan For this to be a success we would like to see children have a spark for theatre begun. It would be great to get about 50 children involved in the workshops. Sustainability plan MSU could return to this school or another in the area with this same plan next year for this class. Any local school that does not have a theatre program would be possible to visit and start this plan to have a show each semester. We had a larger scale plan that fell through due to first time planning time constraints that would be great for further years now that initial ideas have been worked out....
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