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Program Notes - Select area Edit menu – create AutoCAD...

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Photoshop DPI = dots per inch (72 is base… 300 is max printable) Printing press is in CMYK color… home printer is fine with RGB… stick with RGB for design Use transparent background Name Layers! Double click on grey space to open file Use shift or ctrl to select more than one layer When area is selected can move with mouse or arrows Shift with eraser tool makes eraser follow the line Get rid of hair fuzzies with the erase tool at a lower opacity Drop opacity of whole layers New layer, fill with color, drop opacity of whole layer, erase section – gives light focus effect Image menu – adjustments – curves = change highs and lows of brightness Ctrl +… N = new 0(zero) = fit to screen Shift+Z = Step Forward Alt+Z = Step Backward Transform tool = warp J = duplicate layer Alt + selection tools = do not select Right click on blue bar of picture window to edit canvas and image size Select with feather - inverse selection – huge paint brush – click – gives look of light focus Use canvas size increase to create a “matting” border
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Unformatted text preview: Select area - Edit menu – create AutoCAD Make sure you are in AutoCAD Classic on the top tool bar Just use my ‘setup’ document saved and resave for each project (saves our standards) Select bottom right to top left (box should be green) Use esc to get out of tool 8’ straight line: line tool, first point type “@ 8’0” <0” Trim – left click line, right click to accept – click lines past the selected line to trim Don’t draft on zero layer Hold down scroll button to get hand and move F8 with construction line = ortho (switch between axis moves and full rotation) F3 OSANP Offset tool – creates parallel lines - specify distance, select what offsetting from, select direction to offset INSERT PHOTO – INSERT –RASTER IMAGE REFERENCE (HAS TO BE JPEG) - DOESN’T CARRY FILE WITH IT THOUGH! – SO DO INSERT – EXTERNAL REFERENCES - HAVE TO SEND ALL SOURCE FILES WITH THE DOCUMENT Re + enter = regenerate (reloads details)...
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Program Notes - Select area Edit menu – create AutoCAD...

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