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TOPICS FOR MIDTERM EXAMINATION REVIEW—HUR 235. Oliver Twist Dickens’ biography; major works Utilitarianism; Major proponents of; & Poor Laws; role of utilitarianism in politics, economics, social programs Victorian Era (1937-1901) Naturalism & the city (& Oliver), marketplace as metaphor Function of nature (& Oliver); & religion; Oliver as a little saint Characters: the little criminals—Artful Dodger (Jack Dawkins); Charley Bates; Noah Claypole; the big criminals—Fagin (& materialism, & impressionism at end), the establishment (Bumble the beadle, Mrs. Corney, Magistrate Fang, their social function), Sikes (& dog & Nancy); Monks—Cain & Abel; The representatives of Victorian order: Brownlow, Mrs. Maylie, Harry (as country priest, Rose) Dickens on melodrama Couples: Bumble & Corney; Harry & Rose Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky intellectual biography; & religion, & secularization, & death Dostoevsky & Freud major works and themes of (The Idiot; Devils, The Brothers Karamazov) Socialism, issues of society and personality
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Unformatted text preview:) Som, issues of society and personality Left Hegelianism and Utopian Som (major figures of) Dostoevsky & Siberia (society & personality in) C&P as mystery story; false clues/real clues first version of, The Drunkards ; why Dostoevsky abandoned. Function of Marmeladov, Katerina Ivanovna, Polia. Ras. response to. raskol = "schism"; Raskolnikov's dual personality (response to drunk girl on street) Raskolnikov's dreams and nightmares Luzhin and Lebezyatnikov Razumikhin—function of Porfiry—function of ("ordinary" & "extraordinary people"). R's article Raskolnikov's "great men" theory; Napoleon Why R. kisses Sonia's feet? R.'s confession to Sonia. Solution to the crime. Sonia's suggestion that Raskolnikov confess. Ritual she suggests. Svidrigailov & Raskolnikov; similarities & differences Epilogue and R's moral rebirth as "another story"