GOV 312L � Sixth Day

GOV 312L � Sixth Day - GOV 312L Sixth Day Why was...

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Unformatted text preview: GOV 312L Sixth Day Why was such a small and short battle, San Jacinto, the last one? Because no one knew it was and Santa Anna was captured. Santa Anna made two treaties, one treaty that said all Mexican troops need to leave Texas. Mexican troops were already over-extended since they ran out of supplies. Mexican generals also had not been paid, only loans, and therefore did not really want to continue either. So for a while, people werent sure if the war would start up again. In 1842, two Mexican generals come back and the Texans are convinced that they are coming to resume the fighting. Regardless, it definitely came to a halt for a while. Mexico views Texas as a rebel area, not an independent republic. Texas made a constitution that was better than the existing one. It allowed for a two year term for president, no longer. The first elected president was Sam Houston then Mirabou Lamar. In 1836 and 1845, the vote for annexation to the U.S. was over 90 percent. Texas was not happier on its own, thats just a lie. It was always thought that Texas needed a large army because Mexico might come back. Houston thought the best defense would be to increase immigration as much as possible, not have a large standing army, and he was criticized for it. He saw problems within the military and did not want to deal with the problems of a large army. Only about 4000-5000 people in Texas at the time, not enough. Under Texas Republic, land was so cheap that it was almost free. During republic, the population almost tripled. Henry Smith was the leading candidate republic, the population almost tripled....
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GOV 312L � Sixth Day - GOV 312L Sixth Day Why was...

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