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10.3 An American Revolution

10.3 An American Revolution - constitution o Connecticut...

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Wednesday, October 3 rd , 2007 An American Revolution? British and Americans redrew the map from the Proclamation of 1763 o Borders were effaced Benjamin Rush wrote about another American Revolution in 1787 o Establishing a new form of government o Principles, morals, and manners There was still an unequal social hierarchy Slavery o Slavery was justified as wrong, but colonists considered it as an inconvenience to live without slaves There were masters that freed their slaves for individual acts of mercy Some masters let their slaves work for pay George Washington gave his slaves to wife Martha when he died in 1799, and Martha liberated them soon after o Massachusetts was the first colony to free their slaves via their revolutionary state
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Unformatted text preview: constitution o Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont soon followed Massachusetts’ lead o Middle states (Pennsylvania, New York, etc.) adopted laws to free the children of slaves but not the current slaves of their era o America was divided between slave states and free states by 1800 • Gender o No laws were changed for women o Women were still subordinate to men o Public schools were established to teach true human virtues o Shift of moral stature of women in popular culture o Takes women up a peg to where they were not subordinate o Founding of women’s schools o Newly educated women formed reading circles, etc....
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10.3 An American Revolution - constitution o Connecticut...

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