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10.8 Choosing the Constitution

10.8 Choosing the Constitution - Monday October 8 2007...

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Monday, October 8, 2007 Choosing the Constitution Overview o After independence was won, there was a strong debate between officers and foot soldiers over the direction the country should go o After Washington was elected, no one tried to abolish constitution o Question was: who did the constitution apply to? Elite had to appeal to the tastes of the ordinary common (white)voters o US develops politics that creates tensions between class power and democratic style (or a combination of the two) o Foot soldiers took control at the revolution of 1800 Changes in Government o Three types of government Monarchy: rule by a single individual Singleness of vision Become a tyranny Aristocracy: rule by a few people Benefits of collective wisdom and ancestral experience Can become an oligarchy Democracy: rule by many Benefits of having the common people Can become an anarchy A good government composed of all three parts of government
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