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10.24 The Jeffersonian Era

10.24 The Jeffersonian Era - collapse o Jefferson sought to...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 The Jeffersonian Era Louisiana Purchase o Jefferson purchased from the French in 1803 o Sent Lewis and Clark on an expedition to make a map of the territory French Revolution o Napoleon came into power about the same time as Jefferson Went into a war with the British Economic warfare in Europe o Navies began seizing American ships that tried to trade with either country o Sailors in Britain were compared to slaves: they were drafted and could not leave ships Began to jump ship and join the American ships made strictly for sailing British Navy began impressment of US sailors In addition to the grievances in the ocean, Western Indians were outraged at the United States’ attempts to Western expansion o Sought British support to keep American troops out of their territory Creek Indians (present day Alabama, etc.) Tecumseh (Northeast) o Jeffersonian republicans thought that the republic was at the brink of
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Unformatted text preview: collapse o Jefferson sought to boycott ships—Embargo Act Hurt American merchants and people who relied on foreign trade the most • In 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain o Theaters of War Canada • Growing under British oppression West • Two generals made names for themselves o William Henry Harrison Led expedition against Tecumseh o Andrew Jackson Lead expedition against Creek Indians Defeated a British regiment o War was a stalemate and the peace treaty did not settle any of the main causes of war No debate of impressments, Indians, or foreign trade o Outcome of the war proved that the US could defend Gulf Coast Louisiana Purchase unleashed gigantic amount of expansion in the United States purchased Florida from Spain...
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