10.31 Democratic Politics

10.31 Democratic Politics - Wednesday Democratic Politics...

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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 Democratic Politics, 1815-1840 • During the jacksonian era, Thomas cole, a painter, created the course of empire , 1836—series of paintings that trace the rise and fall of the state o “The savage state” There is a lack of civilization (native American teepees) Sun is chasing away the clouds/stormy weather Hunter dressed in skins with a bow o “Arcadia” Very simple, Agricultural society Temple that resembles Stonehenge Midday setting (sun is shown with no clouds) Woman with two children has learned the arts of domestic manufacturing Construction of boats Man is creating triangles (proving the Pythagorean theorem)— symbolizes the dawn of mathematics Dawn of arts (man playing music and people dance) o “consummation” Enormous amount of commerce on the river Construction is very elaborate Very crowded; people are very hectic Very materialistic society/achievements People are individualistic o “destruction” Storm is taking over the sun Chaos erupts among the people • Lady about to fall in the water • Torching a building Statue represents war, strength—holds a shield • Arm is broken off (which may have held a sword) o “desolation” Nature takes over and it is nightfall again People were not successful in defending their civilization o Americans in the 1820s and 1830s thought that they were on the brink of...
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10.31 Democratic Politics - Wednesday Democratic Politics...

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