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9.12 Choosing Slavery

9.12 Choosing Slavery - • After time was served they...

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 Choosing Slavery The Atlantic Slave Trade o Started as early as 1502; brought by Columbus o Flourished in the mid-1500s and lasted until the 1870s o Over 12-15 million slaves were shipped to the Americas in all o As far north as Senegal to modern-day Angola o Linked to cultivation of sugarcane and plantations in Hispaniola Became wealthiest part of Atlantic economy o Bought slaves from African kings in exchange for guns, weapons, alcohol, etc. Kings enslaved their enemies and sold them to the Europeans Africans did not see a problem with this because they did not consider their enemies as their own people o Middle Passage Greatest number came from Ivory Coast region to South America (mostly Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba) Slaves were tightly packed into ships on all parts of the deck No messes were ever cleaned Plantations o Caribbean Sugarcane fields Very difficult to cultivate Had to go into swamps, etc. o Virginia Tobacco fields Indentured Servants
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Unformatted text preview: • After time was served, they could legally join the society • Serve in the militia, vote, commit crimes, etc. just as their white counterparts o Color was not a big issue until about 1650 o South Carolina Began to depend on rice Blacks began to develop a race that combined the African and American culture (called Gullah) o Georgia At first, slavery was banned in order for the land to be a safe haven for poor whites 1751 government allowed slavery • Slavery and its Association with the color black and inferiority o Europeans thought Africans were savage (just like the Native Americans) because they did not follow the European culture o Punished slaves by beating them (just like their indentured servants) o Mistreatment makes a person look inferior Slave ships: made slaves look dirty, naked, malnutritioned o Governors thought that there was something about blackness that made it justifiable for mistreatment...
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