12.3 Crisis of the Union

12.3 Crisis of the Union - Monday, December 3rd, 2007...

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Monday, December 3 rd , 2007 Crisis of the Union Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854 o Provision of territorial government o Introduced by Senator Stephen A. Douglas Interested in a transcontinental railroad Would drive him straight to the White House Put in a “sweetener” to get southern support by repealing the Missouri Compromise o Territories decided slavery via popular sovereignty o Enraged huge numbers of Northern supporters Feared that Kansas would become a slave state Denounced Douglas and his Kansas-Nebraska Act Many Northerners were so disgusted that they wanted to break away from the Democratic  Party Didn’t enforce the fugitive slave law All over the midwest, there were grass-roots meetings to form anti Kansas-Nebraska coalitions  Coalesced into Republican Party o Collection of former Whigs, anti-slavery Democrats, free soilers, etc. o Was not repealed by the Republican party, but Northerners began flooding into the territory to  vote against slavery  Kansas sent militias to control the border
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12.3 Crisis of the Union - Monday, December 3rd, 2007...

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