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ELEC9714 project and seminar guidance S1 2018 page 1 ELEC 9714 Electricity Industry Planning & Economics School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications University of NSW Project and Wiki Guidelines 1. Introduction The project will involve students in an activity suited to their interests and skills in the area of electricity industry planning, economics and investment. Groups of five students are very strongly preferred, although smaller groups may also be permitted if and as appropriate and groups of six may be possible under some circumstances groups and topics must be approved by the course coordinator. Of particular importance, students undertaking a fourth year engineering thesis or post-graduate research thesis should not choose an elec9714 project topic that closely relates to their other thesis research. Similarly, students are strongly encouraged not to choose a project that closely relates to any other projects that they have undertaken for example, in elec9715 or other electricity industry related courses. After all intent of these group elec9714 projects is to expose you to electricity industry planning and economics issues other than those you might already have already worked on, or are currently working on. Note also that the large student numbers this year will make smaller groups than 4 students particularly challenging to manage. Projects will either focus on development and testing of a simple software, spreadsheet or Matlab power system modelling and optimisation tool, or an in-depth literature survey of some aspect of electricity industry planning, economics and investment (around 5000 words plus tables, diagrams, references etc.). Project topics are to be negotiated and finalised by week six. Details on the formal requirements for the project reports will also be provided at this time. It should contain a significant review of the literature relevant to the topic and a comprehensive bibliography. All source material must be adequately referenced in the body of the report and it is expected that there will be 25 or more scholarly references in a literature survey. It is also required that the project will include some analysis of actual electricity industry economic and/or market data. The report will be assessed on the quality of the content and presentation. Note that th e course coordinator and students taking the course are not obliged to ‘solve’ group formation for every student . In particular, you can’t just join another group unless they invite you to do so. You need to be looking for people you’d like to work with wh o are interested in topics that you are also keen to work on. There will be a discussion forum set up in week 3 that students can post their interests, and seek other students to join them. You may need to use it.
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