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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University Page 1 of 7 Assignment 7 Total Station 3 and AutoCAD 3 CIVE 2004 GIS, Surveying, and Graphics 2017 Fall Term Assignment 07: Total Station 3 and AutoCAD 3: Surveying the built environment Topography with Civil 3D Due next week Introduction The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize students with the role of the total station in survey- ing the topography and features of our built and natural environment before construction. During this assignment the students are expected to record part of Carleton University’s campus, this task builds up on the expected results of Final Project. Each team will work on a specific area. Furthermore, you are expected to carry out a traverse around the area you have been surveying. Equipment Take the Total Station kit and tripod. The instrument box should contain the following items: TS06, mini prism rod and reflector, two batteries, distance holder for height meter, instrument height meter, protection cover, lens protection house, USB 1GB Leica, and USB cable. All team members are responsible for the proper operation, maintenance and integrity of the surveying equipment assigned. Equipment damaged by wanton negligence or improper use will be charged to the team, this includes leaving the case open and storing the Total Station wet . Teams must return the equipment to the structures lab, 2032 MC at the end of their tutorial. You need to have your own USB stick. To use the Traverse Pro software onboard the Total Station, remember to print the Leica FlexLine TS06 User Manual pages: 197 thru 214. This manual is available at CULearn. For Civil 3D, read the manual at: - 4D07-AA50-253E33570345.htm,topicNumber=CUGd30e76109 before working, however this approach requires more time investment. Location This will be an “outdoor” tutorial. Continue working on the area next to the Canal Building as- signed to your group. Students must meet in the lobby of the Bell Theatre at their designated tutorial time, on time, to pick-up the equipment and be directed to the surveying site. Please wear warm clothes and bring an umbrella. Part 1: setting up, leveling and referencing the Total Station (From Assignment 6)
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