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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Carleton University Assignment 6 Total Station 2 and AutoCAD 2 Page 1 of 13 CIVE 2004: GIS, Surveying, and Graphics 2017 Fall Term Assignment 06: Total Station 2 and AutoCAD 2: Surveying our built environment Due the following week Introduction A total station integrates precision measurement technologies to accurately measure distances and angles. An onboard computer system allows it to record these measurements and perform trigonometric calculations used in Surveying activities. The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize students with the setup and operation of total stations in Surveying. Download the TS06 Manual prepared for this class. You can also download the Leica Total Station user manual and quick guide from CULearn. Equipment Sign out the Total Station kit and tripod. Beside the instrument, the kit should contain the following items: mini prism rod and reflector, two batteries, distance holder for height meter, instrument height meter protection cover, lens protection house. All team members are responsible for the proper operation, maintenance, and integrity of the surveying equipment assigned. Equipment damaged by wanton negligence or improper use will be charged to the team. Teams must return the equipment to the structures lab (2032 MC) at the end of their tutorial. A manual is also provided. Location This tutorial will be an outdoor exercise around the Canal and Mackenzie Buildings. Students must meet in the lobby of the Bell Theatre at their designated tutorial time to pick up the equipment and move to the surveying site. The data collected today will be used for your Final project. Each team will have its own scope of surveying (see Figure 2). Use Figure 1 to identify the benchmark where your group will be working.
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