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Specifications for GE Frame PG9171E Gas Turbine Generator Draft Technical Specifications for GE Frame PG9171E Gas Turbine Generator and direct Auxiliaries and Limits of Supply 1 1. Introduction 1.1 General The GE MS9001E was introduced in 1970 to meet the growing need for 50 Hz gas turbine industrial and utility units with capability to burn a broad spectrum of fuels. It was the world ʼs first gas turbine larger than 100MW. The MS9001E has been uprated and improved using information accumulated from thousands of operating hours across the product line. The MS9001E is renowned for its extensive experience, reliability record and state-of-the-art fuel handling capabilities, making it well suited to: Power generation (simple cycle or combined cycle) Cogeneration (process steam or district heating) Base load, peak load, standby power The MS9001E gas turbine is GE ʼs 50 Hz workhorse, proven in mare than 3 million hours of utility and industrial service, many in arduous climates ranging from desert heat to tropical humidity to arctic cold. 1.2 Prepackaged for Rapid Installation The packaged power plant concept is derived from cumulative experience with thousands of successful GE gas turbine installations. This experience has led the way to installation and startup that is both rapid and cost-effective. The MS9001E features a unique accessory packaging concept with an improved “split base” design. The gas turbine and accessory compartments contain the turbo machinery as well as the mechanical and electrical support equipment for starting, operation and shutdown. With the packaging concept, the majority of the supporting equipment is skidmounted and the locations standardized. This design maximizes factory piping and wiring, requiring less assembly work in the field. Incorporating field experience in the design provides easier access to accessory components during operation and maintenance. 1.3 Availability / Reliability GE heavy-duty gas turbines lead the industry in reliability and availability statistics. One key factor in the unmatched reliability of GE ʼs gas turbines is the redundancy built into GE ʼs state -of-the-art gas turbine control system. Because this microprocessor-based turbine control system employs a distributed processor and a redundant architecture, its overall performance is unmatched in the industry. The control system uses independent digital controllers to achieve the reliability of triple redundancy for the turbine control
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