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1 ECON 1014 HOMEWORK #1 Name: ______________________ Student #:_____________ Pawprint: ____________ Due: Wednesday, January 24 th by 4:00pm at the Econ Help Desk , Room 1A-West in the basement of the Professional Building. Assignments may also be turned in before or after class. No late assignments will be accepted. We suggest you photocopy or photograph your homework with answers; otherwise, no excuses will be given for lost homework. Photographed or scanned HW assignments MUST have a valid, pre-deadline timestamp to be accepted. Please print this assignment from Canvas and staple!! Syllabus All course-related emails should be sent from which of your email accounts? (1 pts.) What is the consequence if you choose to opt-out of the Auto-Access (ebook/LaunchPad) program in this course? (1 pts.) What should you do before handing in your HW assignment to verify completion? (1 pts.) Are electronic HW submissions allowed? Is there a penalty? Are there any exceptions? (3 pts.) What are the dates/times of the exams this semester? (2 pts.) If you receive exam accommodations, how far in advance do you need to schedule the exam with the Office of Disability Services? (1 pts.) What should you do if you have to miss an exam due to medical or extraordinary personal reasons? (1 pts.)
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