Week 1.pdf - Software Project Management Week 1 Outline Introduction to project management Introduction to software crisis for motivation Basic software

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10/19/2016 1 Software Project Management Week 1 Outline Introduction to project management Introduction to software crisis for motivation. Basic software project management concepts. Software Lifecycle processes and models Waterfall model Spiral model Incremental delivery model Agile Methods and basics of SCRUM. Project Management Methods and tools Methods Tools
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10/19/2016 2 Outline Software Estimation Software Size Software estimation methods Project planning and control Project Planning Project Control Earned value analysis. Change management. Project Plan Outline Risk Management Introduction. Planning Identification Prioritization Treatment and monitoring Requirements Management Introduction Requirements Development and evaluation architecture
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10/19/2016 3 Outline Software Architectures Introduction Documenting architecture Software Quality Assurance and reviews Management/technical reviews. Walkthroughs Inspections Software configuration management Introduction SCM activities and planning Outline Software test management Introduction. Verification and validation process Test phases types and management issues
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10/19/2016 4 Assessment Assignments (5 in number) 20 Marks Quizzes 10 Marks Mid Term 20 Marks Final Exam 50 Marks Assignment Project Charter Project Plan Work Breakdown Structure Schedule bar chart and network analysis Project Estimate
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10/19/2016 5 Today Course basics, administrative items Introductions Fundamentals Classic Mistakes Textbooks Required texts “Rapid Development”, Steve McConnell “Information Technology Project Management”, Kathy Schwalbe These provide two very different viewpoints In-the-trenches vs. PMI textbook perspective Recommended reading “Quality Software Project Management”, D. Shafer “Software Project Survival Guide”, Steve McConnell “Peopleware”, T. DeMarco and T. Lister
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10/19/2016 6 Project Management Skills Leadership Communications Problem Solving Negotiating Influencing the Organization Mentoring Process and technical expertise What is a Project? What is Project Management? Areas of Expertise Project Management Context Introduction
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