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E1121 Digital LOGIC (a) 201 7 Sheet 1 1- Write VHDL code for half adder circuit. 2- Write VHDL code for full adder. 3- Write VHDL code for decoder 2 x 4. 4- Write VHDL code for multiplexer 4 x1. 5- Write VHDL code for priority encoder circuit. The circuit must encode the address of the input bit of lowest order that is activ e. ‘‘000’’ should indicate that there is no request at the input (no bit active). 6- Write VHDL code for 4- bit comparator. Three outputs must be provided: one corresponding to a > b, another to a = b, and finally one relative to a < b. 7- Write VHDL code for BCD to 7 segment decoder for driving a 7-segement LED
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  • Spring '18
  • dr.marwa el manyawy
  • Logic, Binary-coded decimal, 4-bit, BCD, 4- bit, Write VHDL code