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Cases in Healthcare Finance, 5 th Edition Copyright 2014 by FACHE 12/13/2013 Case 11 - 1 CASE 11 SOLUTION ORLANDO FAMILY PHYSICIANS Pay for Performance Case Information Purpose This case analyzes alternative pay for performance compensation plans for group practice physicians. Several different approaches are used to measure economic (financial) performance. In addition, compensation can be based on both financial and non-economic factors. Students must not only consider the impact of various approaches on compensation amounts, but also consider the issues of fairness and creation of incentives that benefit the practice as a whole. Complexity The case is moderately complex, especially for students who have little actual work experience and hence a limited understanding of “real world” compensation. There is a lot of number crunching, but the model does most of the work. Model Description The model takes much of the busywork out of the case, so it enables students to spend more time on interpretation and evaluation. Like most case models, the student and instructor versions differ only in regards to the input data. The instructor’s version contains the complete base case inputs, while these inputs are zeroed out in the student version of the model. The model uses historical cost data along with choices about what proportion of physician compensation should be based on performance and whether performance should be defined in economic or non-economic terms. The model's (instructor version) Input Data and Key Output sections are shown on the next page.
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