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Faculté des sciences | Faculty of Science Département de chimie et science biomoléculaire | Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences Pavillon d’Iorio Hall 10 Marie-Curie Ottawa ON Canada K1N 6N5 613-562-5728 613-562-5170 [email protected] Test 3 BCH2333 Date: June 6 th , 2016 Length: 90min Last Name: _______________________ Professor _________________________________ First Name: ________________________ Student # _______________ Seat # - Instructions: ( all information that will be useful) Examples: - Calculator permitted (Faculty approved or any other kind) - Open or closed book - Indicate number of pages Read carefully: By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and ensured that you are complying with the above statement. Signature:________________________________ Please put your INITIALS IN THE BOX when you have verified that there are # pages in this exam. Cellular phones, unauthorized electronic devices or course notes (unless an open-book exam) are not allowed during this exam. Phones and devices must be turned off and put away in your bag. Do not keep them in your possession, such as in your pockets. If caught with such a device or document, the following may occur: you will be asked to leave immediately the exam, academic fraud allegations will be filed which may result in you obtaining a 0 (zero) for the exam.
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