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MEAM 550 Practice Exam Name: ______________________________ page 1 of 5 Problem 1 (a) TRUE OR FALSE – If it takes 1.5 hours to grow a 1 m thick silicon dioxide layer under certain set of conditions, it would take 3 hours to grow a 2 m film under the same conditions. Explain/Justify. (b) TRUE or FALSE – Photoresist can be used as a sacrificial material in a process where gold is the structural layer. Explain/Justify. TRUE, Au can be deposited via sputtering or evaporation on photoresist AND photoresist can be dissolved with acetone without damaging the Au layer. Metal on PR is commonly used in lift-off processes. (c) Explain why it is desirable to use an etch stop when creating a pressure sensor membrane via anisotropic wet silicon etching.
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