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Running head: System Proposal 1 System Proposal: Course Service Software & Customer Support Ticket System
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System Proposal 2 System Proposal: Course Service Software & Customer Support Ticket System For LTR to implement a new system for its Portal support staff and project managers, a systems requirements section will be needed to layout prerequisites. These requirements will describe, at the system level, the functions that the system as a whole should fulfill to satisfy user needs and requirements. To accomplish this requires a combination of textual statements, views, and non-functional requirements; the latter is expressing the levels of safety, security, reliability, etc., that will be necessary ( System Requirements , 2015). Going forward, LTR will be making recommendations on the hosting platform deemed essential for the new software to run. Upon implementation, the new software will be running on an internal or external server with users accessing the application through a client interface. Requirements Modeling The current system is a self-hosted Jira product for projects and issue tracking. This system is primarily used by Computer Service Bureau (CSB) for their internal projects and issues. LTR has been given access to this system for its projects and issue tracking needs. However, the main problem in using this system is the lack of initiating external communication with customers. As such, the proposed new system will not be a co mplete “rip and replace,” but rather a system designed in the ecosystem of Jira to function alongside CSB. The proposed method would allow LTR to measure: Outputs - The system must produce emails related to issues acknowledgment, pickups, and communication.
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  • Spring '14
  • Jira, Issue tracking system, Comparison of issue tracking systems, jira service