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SPECIAL EDUCATION REFORM 1 Influential Special Education Reform Delilah Purcell Grand Canyon University: EDU- 535 Foundations of Special Education February 25, 2018
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SPECIAL EDUCATION REFORM 2 Special Education Reform Special Education has evolved through many changes. Not all have been positive, yet they have all taken our students on a path of equal education. Along with change, come new ideas, resulting in both positive and negative reactions. As the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) began, the primary focus was providing a free appropriate education for all. This paper will outline and address the level of changes through The Civil Rights Movement, IDEA and utilize the Individual Education Program (IEP) all of which played significant roles in initiating change within our educational system, but they didn’t come without opposition. Positive Changes In the mid- 1960’s and 1970’s education became a very controversial topic related to civil rights. The Education of All Handicapped Children Act recognized the idea of all children should be entitled to a free and appropriate education, within the least restrictive environment. During this uncertain time, a war on poverty was declared, thus ensuring government funding for research focused on children at risk (Keogh, 2007). Within the definition of children at risk were students with disabilities (SWD). The war on poverty was crucial within the world of special education for both students and educators. The optimal goal of the war on poverty and the implementation of legislation 94-142 was to assure all children received a free and appropriate education regardless of race, ethnic or culture background or disability (Keogh,2007).
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