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Name ______________________ CCSS. RL.4.10 |© Read the following story and answer the questions below. The Real Hero Last year, I was flying home from Chicago after a business trip. I was excited to get home to my family after being away for a whole week. I got to the airport early to wait for my flight. It was a bright, sunny morning as the plane took off. After about three minutes, I noticed something that was very scary. There was a big fire on the wing of the plan. Everyone in the plane was very nervous. Nobody was talking. The flight attendant came on the speaker and said we would be landing. She told us the landing would be hard, so we needed to brace ourselves and hold on tight. She sounded very brave, but her face looked worried. I was bracing myself and trying not to panic when there was a big thud. The plane had hit something. I found out later it was the river. We were very lucky to be alive.
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