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1 Last Name: ________________ First Name: _____________ Thermo no. ______ ME 200 Thermodynamics 1 Spring 2018 – Exam 2 Circle your instructor’s last name Division 1 (12:30): Buckius Division 2 (10:30): Braun Division 3 (7:30): Naik Division 4 (4:30): James Division 5 (2:30): Sojka INSTRUCTIONS Do not remove staplers from any page . If you use extra paper, attach it at the end of the exam with a paper clip and indicate above how many extra sheets were attached. Do not write on the back of any page because it will not be scanned so will not be graded This is a closed book and closed notes exam. Equation sheets and all needed tables are provided. Significant credit for each problem is given if you identify your system and its boundary, draw the relevant energy flows on a diagram i.e. Energy Flow Diagram (EFD), start your analysis with the basic equations, list all relevant assumptions, and have appropriate units and use three significant figures. There is no need to re-write the given and find. Do not hesitate to ask if you do not comprehend a problem statement. For your own benefit, please write clearly and legibly. You must show your work to receive credit for your answers. IMPORTANT NOTE The use of PDAs, Blackberry-type devices, cell phones, laptop computers, smart watches or any other sources of communication (wireless or otherwise) is strictly prohibited during examinations. Doing so is cheating. If you bring a smart watch, cell phone, or other communication device to the examination, it must be turned off prior to the start of the exam, placed in your backpack, and the backpack must be stored below your seat . It shall be reactivated only after you leave the examination room for the final time . Otherwise it is a form of cheating and will be treated as such. SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE The only calculators allowed for use on this exam are those of the TI-30X series. No others Number of extra papers used if any
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