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1 STAKEHOLDER INFORMATION GOVERNANCE IN ORGANIZATIONS Maillard Vaï DRM - Management & Organization (CNRS UMR 7088), University Paris Dauphine, Place du Maréchal Delattre de Tassigny, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France [email protected] ABSTRACT It would be pleasant, for researchers or business executives alike, to be able to believe that only one person in an organization is responsible for its information governance processes. But building an information governance framework requires input from many, be it from inside or outside of the organization. In this paper, we study the role of stakeholders in the governance of information in organizations. First, we offer a literature review of the concept of information governance and a new definition consistent with a stakeholder approach of the firm. Then, from her case studies, the author develops a scale for measuring the involvement of stakeholders in the organization’s information governance system. This paper concludes on the practical implications of our findings and the new pathways opened to our research. Keywords: Agency theory, Information governance, Stakeholder theory, Stakeholder governance. INTRODUCTION This XXI th century seems to be characterized by the considerable quantity of information available at the drop of a hat. The widely used tools of digitalization and communication have rendered the circulation of information that much smoother. The relationship of our society with information has been deeply modified. This can easily be observed in organizations. Globalization and chronocompetition, carried by the previously cited phenomenon, have put information management among the survival skills needed for every firm. If information management isn’t the core competency of an enterprise, it is still found in the core of every activity of the firm. The Information System witch is the top of the iceberg of the information management problem, took a prime place in the mind of all top-managers. Important sums are invested with results mostly below managerial expectations. Information ISS & MLB September 24-26, 2013 ISS 704
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