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Stephen Kramer 4/25/06 Cornell University Writing Seminar Phase 4 Report I selected Dr. Julie Fixman as the alumnus I wanted to contact because she obtains the job that I aspire to have. I would like to either own my own practice or be one of the primary veterinarians in the practice in which I work, most likely in a suburb of New York or Connecticut. From talking to Dr. Fixman on the telephone I truly learned a lot about her career. Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Fixman also attended Cornell University as an undergraduate as a biology major. She then continued her studies at Cornell veterinary school. She felt that Cornell truly prepared her for veterinary school.
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Fixman performed research full-time after her sophomore and junior years at Cornell. Also, she suggested several courses that she took at Cornell that were very helpful and interesting. Another suggestion that Dr. Fixman gave me was to participate in the livestock show. I plan on doing this next year. In addition, she regrets not being in the pre-veterinary society, which I already take part in. Her last piece of advice was when applying to veterinary schools really explore my options and apply to several because all veterinary schools are very competitive, yet certain veterinary schools are looking for specific characteristics different than others....
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