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Unformatted text preview: 1 0/29/2017 History of Technology (College) - Shmoop Online Courses Unit 4: Weapons and Warfare 1. Which of these innovations helped horse riders achieve greater balance and stability? 0 A) Blankets that distributed the riders' weight and gave relief to horses—a kind of early saddle O B) Loops of rope for riders to put their feet in—a kind of early stirrup O C) Bits that gave riders more control of the horse 0 D) Spurs that signaled to horses to enter battle zones . Which country has been called "the superpower of chemical weapons“? 0 A) Iraq, which had US. support in its use of mustard gas against Iran in the 19905 O B) Iran, which used sarin in its counterattack of Iraq 0 c) Syria, which began stockpiling chemical weapons in the 70s and 803 after losing three wars to Israel 0 D) Germany, which used mustard gas in World War | . What is the most likely reason that the United States did not follow through with the plan to attach bombs to bats in order to bomb Japan? 0 A) The United States scrapped the plan to focus its attention on creating an atomic bomb. 0 B) The United States was fearful that Japan would retaliate with a similar plan. 0 c) The bats could not be successfully shipped to Japan in a reasonable amount of time. 0 D) There were not a sufficient number of bats roosting in the United States. . Which of these was a drawback of initial designs of the Gatling gun? O A) It could jam. 0 B) It could overheat. O C) It could explode. O D)All of these. . Which of these describes an advantage of utilizing horses over chariots in battle? 0 A) Horses didn't need flat ground to traverse. O B)All of these. 0 c) Chariots required time and effort to construct and haul. o D) Horses moved more quickly. . How successful has the 19703 Nuclear Proliferation Treaty been? 0 A) It has not led to a proliferation of knowledge about the potential effect of nuclear war. 0 B) It has eradicated the desire for countries to amass nuclear bombs. O c) Nearly every country has signed on in acceptance of the international treaty. o D) It has not led to a disarmament in which countries have slowly got rid of their nuclear bombs. . Which of these words is most associated with the Minié ball? 0 A) Short-range O B) Standardized O c)All of these 0 D) Expensive . In Eurasia, what was the main purpose for domesticating horses? 0 A) For use in war 0 B) For breeding for food 0 c) For transporting food and supplies 0 D) For use in travel . In 2009, Stuxnet was a virus that disrupted TIME LEFT: 57:51 1 0/29/2017 History of Technology (College) - Shmoop Online Courses 0 A) Iran's nuclear program. 0 B) Germany's investigation of a security firm. 0 c) the United States government's economic stability. 0 D) Symantec‘s ability to secure users' computers. 10. Which warring faction made the flintlock musket famous? O A)All of these 0 B) The British Empire 0 c) The Romans 0 D) The Celts 11. Which of these is true about iron making early on? O A) The process ensured that the iron had high carbon content. 0 B) It was done because the best swords were made from iron. 0 C) The process was slow and had unreliable results. 0 D) It was desirable because iron was more available than copper. 12. Which of these articulates an advantage of the crossbow over the former innovation of bows? O A) The crossbow required fewer resources to construct. O B) All of these. 0 c) The crossbow required less skill. O D) The crossbow could be made with natural resources. 13. Which of these is a true statement about the Aztecs' macuahuitls? O A) It was the weapon of the elite. O B) It was the only weapon the Aztecs used in battle. 0 c) It could be used from great distances from the opponent. O D) It was one of the first weapons that was constructed of metal. 14. A trebuchet, in its basic operation, worked like a O A) two-person chariot. O B) crossbow. O C)iron shield. O D) catapult. 15. Gunpowder was invented as a result of O A) Chinese alchemists experimenting with life- lengthening elixirs. O B) all of these. 0 c) Eurasia's breeding of the horse as a valuable military asset. O D) the Romans‘ growing dissatisfaction with the limits of the chariot. 16. Which of these was not an effect of "total war"? 0 A)A nation could use various modes of transport to move troops all over the world to engage in war. 0 B)A nation could employ soldiers to fight the war. 0 c)A nation‘s economy could be reoriented to provide supplies for the war effort. 0 D)A nation could depend on basic, old-fashioned weapons that could be constructed and distributed cheaply. 17. Which of these describes how rifles were improvements on muskets? O A) Rifles had a mechanism that allowed flint to provide the spark for the bullet. O B) Rifles added spiral grooves to the inside of the barrel, which spun the bullet as it flew out and kept it straighter. O c) Rifles added longer barrels, which allowed the shooter to use the barrel as a straight line of sight to the intended target. 0 D) Rifles were the first handheld weapon to use gunpowder. 10/29/2017 History of Technology (College) - Shmoop Online Courses 18. What was one of the first uses of copper by early humans? 0 A) As art 0 B) As a cooking vessel 0 C) As a conductor of heat 0 D) As a weapon 19. Which of these was an early imperfection of the musket? O A) Muskets had a short and inaccurate range. 0 B) Muskets were ineffective in wet and windy weather. 0 c) Muskets took great effort and time to reload. O D) All of these. 20. Which of these was a significant effect of the development of bronze shields? O A) Animal hides were no longer needed as materials for weapons. 0 B)They eliminated the need to use stone arrows and copper daggers. O c) They stopped the overuse of natural resources like copper and tin. O D) Armies could march together as blocks of soldiers. SUBMIT TEST Last updated on 2017-07-27 19:21:01 —technology—college/4BFD806682234D2E9E1B47C604022A86.htm| 3/3 ...
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