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ansci 310 website evaluation

ansci 310 website evaluation - Also there are links to...

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The overall website has a vast quantity of information related to animal rights and welfare. One is able to click on a resource by either topic or category. After clicking on a particular topic or category a list of related information is provided. This is definitely a very strong website. With just one click, one is able to access an abundance of information. I really like how someone is able to find information by topic. They cover a variety of animal welfare issues with many links to more specific animal welfare issues.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, there are links to newspaper articles. I found it interesting how animal welfare is a common topic in the news. For the animal science 310’s uses, I think this website provides students with a good amount of information to gain a better grasp on a subject. For example, I clicked on companion animals and was given subtopics of companion animals in addition to categories within companion animals. I found this very easy to found the concept of tail docking to be interesting and I http://www.animalconcerns.org/...
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