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© Copyright Read Theory LLC, 2012. All rights reserved. 1 READ THEORY Name________________ Date________________ Sentence Completion 1 Level 3 Directions: Complete the sentence using the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. 1. The ______ man paid for my ticket. A. simple B. angry C. kind D. funny 2. I cannot sleep because my neighborhood is very ______. A. happy B. average C. fun D. noisy 3. After John washed his car, it looked very ______. A. dirty B. sweet C. old D. clean 4. Turtles and snails do not move quickly. They are both ______ animals. A. quick B. slow C. fast D. small 5. The ______ shirt is too ______. A. big … crazy B. large … big C. heavy … small D. wet … rainy 6. I am ______ because I did well on my math test. A. upset B. rough C. happy D. sad 7. Paul and Marcus are ______. They have the same mother. A. women B. friends C. students D. brothers 8. The air is very ______, and there is ______ ice on the road. A. warm … a large amount of B. cool … many C. cold … a lot of D. hot … much 9. I always arrive to class twenty minutes ______ so that I have time to prepare. A. late B. early C. old D. after 10. The library is a good place to ______ because it is very ______. A. study … quiet B. eat … hungry C. learn … intelligent D. read … open
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