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HOW TO APPLY: See last page of advertisement Page 1 of 3 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA UNISA is a publicly funded Institution in South Africa dedicated to distance education. In keeping with its mandate as a comprehensive, open and distance learning tertiary institution offering a variety of academic and career-focused programmes, the University is inviting applications for positions in the COLLEGE OF ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES. To be considered for a position applicants must meet all the generic requirements plus the specific requirements as stated per position. If found suitable for appointment, Unisa may offer an applicant a position at a level other than the level that was applied for. Furthermore, Unisa reserves the right to offer the applicant a contract appointment. ACTIVITY: TEACHING STATEMENT: All applicants must attach a teaching statement (max 2 000 words) to their application Teaching and Learning Unisa is a comprehensive ODeL institution and the teaching and learning must be evaluated in this context. Central to teaching and learning is a student-centred approach and this must also be considered. It is acknowledged that the assessment of teaching is a difficult task since it is often difficult to quantify. All candidates that apply for the position should submit their teaching statement , which should address the following aspects where applicable. Involvement in or approach to ODeL Approach to fostering a learner-centred approach and ODEL pedagogy Involvement in developing study material The extent to which the candidate has used a virtual learning platform (VLE e.g. my Unisa)
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