March18 - 'COMPARE TO METHOD useful to compare to objects...

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METHODS: to declare a method/hearder public String toString() header has to parts (visiblity modifier which is public. a return type which is String. the name of the method which is toString. and the parameter list which is () ). when static is bbepfre public its a shared method have a body reutn statement return namt+ "," + age; SCOPE: of a variable ex: class, instance, local local variable is a variable declared inside a method example of a local variable: public class Account{ String name; double balance; public void doubleBalance(){ int muliplier=2; blaance*=multiplier; } **once braket closes then the variable is finished and if you recall the doubleBlance then you have to reassign the vriable ***OVERWRITING overwriting a method: rewrithing a method becuase your older writing i already existed
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Unformatted text preview: 'COMPARE TO' METHOD: useful to compare to objects starts off as public always public int compareTo(PlayingCard) hallmarks of good encapusation data private methods are public user or client cna only accsess through the methods private methods are helper methods so the user wont see it only we can see it and use it.does work for us and sves alot of typing visiblity modifires-public only avaible outside the class-privae only avialbe inside the class-"default"< this isnt actually typed, we just dont pt anything-protected<similar to private compareTo method: retuns an int if'this and pc are equivalent then 0 will be returned...
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March18 - 'COMPARE TO METHOD useful to compare to objects...

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