HIST 128 NOTES 4 - Urbanization HIST 128 (NELSON) Few...

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Urbanization HIST 128 (NELSON) Few Americans were city dwellers (around 1820), but after that is when urbanization starts to take place Majority of immigrants settled in cities with factories and workplaces Immigrants of Irish and Southern/Central Europe were most prominent Technological innovations o Elevators (1880's) could make buildings be taller than 3 or 4 stories, which lead to sky scrapers o New building techniques - using steel, which also led to sky scrapers o Steam heat radiators made middle class housing possible o Dumbbell tenements - 6 or 8 stories high with a foot or so of space in between buldings - air shafts made tenements more dangerous - 4,000 people on one city block o New methods of transportation - expanded cities outward Omnibus - wagons that followed grooves in the pavement Electric trolley system - first in Richmond, Virginia Problems of cities o Very poor people without elevator, heat, plumbing in tenement housing o Early tenements with communal bathrooms and poor heating o Kids played in the streets o Waste was dumped into waterways and marshlands
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HIST 128 NOTES 4 - Urbanization HIST 128 (NELSON) Few...

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