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ansci 310 paper critique 2 - issues that anyone with a...

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Stephen Kramer Ansci 310 Animal Agriculture and Animal Welfare: An Essay on How They Fit Together in the 21 st Century On the whole, I found this paper to be very comprehensive and reader friendly. This paper does a great job of conveying the important ideas about animal welfare while still enabling readers of all backgrounds to concentrate on the ideas rather than the scientific jargon. I really enjoyed how the author presents both sides of an argument on a variety of subjects. By doing, this he really strengthens his argument and makes it more convincing to the reader to believe his point of view. In addition, the author incorporates rhetorical questions throughout the paper to engage the reader. By asking such questions as: “But what constitutes natural or normal behavior?”, the author makes the reader feel as though he is speaking directly to the reader. The questions that are asked, address important
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Unformatted text preview: issues that anyone, with a scientific background or not, would like to learn more about. It also highlights the key points that the author wants to convey to the reader. However, there are some weaknesses in the paper. While I was reading through the paper, I found some of the ideas to be presented in a rather disorganized fashion. One such example is when Regenstein discusses animal behavior in the wild. The information discussed should have been put in the in the introductory paragraph in that section, rather than be randomly placed in the middle. The ideas did not flow and I couldn’t draw a connection between how previous paragraph tied into animal behaviors and what constitutes natural and normal behavior. See Attached Paper for More Suggestions....
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ansci 310 paper critique 2 - issues that anyone with a...

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