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english study guide - Things to read for English 121 Final:...

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Unformatted text preview: Things to read for English 121 Final: Notes from whole semester Tennyson You ask me why tho ill at ease and Ulysses Christina Rossetti In an Artists studio A Triad and Winter: My Secret Mathew Arnold The Buried Life and Dover Beach Thomas Hardy Hap The Darkling Thrush and Channel Firing Stephen Crane Poems (In Email) Read 2003-2019 in modern anthology T.S. Eliot The Hollow Men Yeats Easter 1916 James Joyce Araby Eveline (blackboard) Sherwood Anderson The Book of the Grotesque and Adventure (blackboard) Philip Larkin - "Church Going" "High Windows" "Sad Steps" "This Be the Verse" "Ambulances" "Aubade" Carol Ann Duffy Poems (blackboard) Review notes/ Sparknotes on Hard Times and Howards End Possible Essay Questions for English 121 Final Examination Perhaps one of the most complex subjects during the late eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries is Nature. In an essay rich with smart evidence, discuss the evolution of this subjectwhat does it come to mean, how is it portrayed? Use at least two authors from each major period (Romanticism, Victorianism, Modernism, or even our post-WWII writers) we have studied in your essay. Romantics: Nature is an expression of God, the path to transcendence, a powerful force that can heal and cure the harm inflicted by society o Wordsworths Tintern Abbey portrays nature as an extension of god (pantheism) with a power to ease the burdens of city life; he believes that it is the path to transcendence o Coleridges Rime of the Ancient Mariner shows the sanctity of nature; the mariner violates nature and is punished severely; the albatross is a heavenly beacon of hope and he kills it; shows Natures power over man...
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english study guide - Things to read for English 121 Final:...

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