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Sheet1 Page 1 variable: carve out piece of memory, give it a specific name (assignment). equals sign is an assignment statement expression:information retrieval computers use binary system to express numbers, does not use decimal numbers that we are used to binary system is a series of zeroes and ones the number 167 is broken down into digits, ones place says 7 10^0, tens place says 6 10^1, hundreds place says 1 10^2 100110 can be broken down the same way, 0 2^0, 1 2^1, 1 2^2, 0 2^3, 0 2^4, 1 2^5, the sum is 38
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Unformatted text preview: 105 has a binary representation of 1101001 Divide and Conquer: LOOP (repetition) Loop 1) What code chunks shall we repeat? 2) How many times to repeat? i++ = i+1 counter controlled loops are for when you know how many repetitions you need event controlled loops are for when you don't know how many repetitions you will need, will be determined each time the prog r a...
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