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Management Module A

Management Module A - regulations Female care...

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Management Module A Ethics - study of moral issues and choices Internal Organizational Influences - ethical codes, organizational culture, organizational size, structure, perceived pressure for results, corporate strategy External Organizational Influences - political/legal, industry culture, national culture, environment Neutralizing/Enhancing Factors - Top Management Characteristics (age, lengthy of service, military service, homogeneity/heterogeneity Male - justice perspective (based on the ideal of reciprocal rights and driven by rules and
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Unformatted text preview: regulations Female- care perspective (involves compassion and an ideal attention and response to need How to Improve the Organization’s Ethical Climate-1. Behave ethically yourself 2. Screen potential employees 3. Develop a meaningful code of ethics 4. Provide ethics training 5. Reinforce ethical behavior 6. Create positions, unit, and other structural mechanisms to deal with ethics...
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