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Chapter 5 Notes Self is the core of one’s conscious existene. Self-concept - the concept the individuals has of himself as a physical, social, spiritual or moral being. Cognitions - any knowledge opinion, or belief about the environment, about oneself, or about one’s behavior Self Esteem - a belief about one’s own self worth based on an overall self evaluation. Organizational self esteem - makes paid employment a prime determinant of overall self esteem in modern life. Self Efficacy - a person’s belief about his or her chances of successfully accomplishing a specific task.---“arises from the gradual acquisition of complex cognitive, social, linguistic, and/or physical skills thru experience. Learned helplessness - the severely debilitating belief that one has no control over one’s environment. Self-monitoring - the extent to which a person observes their own self expressive behavior and adapts it to the demands of the situation. Organizational identification
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